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It is said that big data is a kilometre wide but only a millimetre thick.  It is providing us with a lot of numbers but the information can lack depth.  There are many factors involved in why people choose to travel, the method they use to do it and the path they take.  We need a comprehensive range of data to ensure we understand fully the environment in which we work.

The words ‘data scientist’ and ‘sexiest job in the world’ are not natural bedfellows, but, according to the Harvard Business Review, data scientists who look beyond the numbers to give real and intelligent insights are highly sought and the newest ‘sex symbols’ on the block.

Sophisticated Bluetooth recognition technology helped VicRoads manage traffic information during Melbourne’s recent tunnel closures – the biggest road works through the Burnley and Domain Tunnels since they opened over a decade ago.

Data integrity is one of the major issues facing the transport planning professionals who invest millions of dollars on traffic research every year to allow them to make decisions that will affect thousands of motorists. But their decision making can only be as good as the quality of the data their surveys generate.

On Friday 23 August 2013, Austraffic Victoria will be heading to bigger and better premises, located at Unit 1, 56 Centre Way, Croydon South 3136.

We also have a new phone number - 03 9761 7682.

Fax: (03) 9837 5166 (unchanged)

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On the 18th February, Austraffic celebrated its 30th birthday!  

Established in 1983 by John Reid, Austraffic has seen many technologies come and go over the years.  From the early days of Commodore 64, dot matrix printers and casual surveyors with a clicker board, pen and paper, Austraffic has witnessed the advance of electronic data recording methods including video surveying and Bluetooth and the emergence of character recognition software.

We would like to welcome Peter Doupé, as the new South Australian principal of Austraffic.  Peter is the current AITPM National President and has been a member of AITPM since 1995.  He has over 25 years of experience in traffic engineering and road safety, having served his time at VicRoads, the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), the City of Yarra, the National Road Transport Commission, Hyder Consulting and most recently, Astucia Traffic Safety Systems.  As Peter will soon be taking up residence in the fine city of Adelaide, we’re certain this will be a win-win for both Austraffic and South Australia.

6th September 2007

Austraffic has undertaken a cyclist speed survey in the Melbourne CBD for the Herald Sun newspaper, which found that fewer than 3 percent of bike riders along Southbank Promenade obeyed the speed limit signs restricting them to 10km/h. 

In August 2006 at the AITPM National Conference in Melbourne, John Reid (Austraffic founder and past National President of AITPM) was honored with an AITPM life membership and as such, he has joined the elite ranks of only eight other persons to receive this tribute in the last 40 years.

ATS undertook a comprehensive series of vehicle classification and interesection turning movement surveys in conjunction with a substantial origin destination survey as part of a larger Melbourne Central area traffic study.

West Australia’s booming growth makes transport management and road safety even more important issues, according to a leading authority on transport monitoring and data collection.  West Australia’s booming growth makes transport management and road safety even more important issues, according to a leading authority on transport monitoring and data collection.  John Reid, whose Austraffic group

Austraffic will be a part of the URS Australia lead Hoddle Street Study, a two year investigation analyzing the integrated transport options to improve the traffic flow between the Eastern Fwy and CityLink.