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Just about every counting situation is a potential audit activity. 

A commercial property investor seeks to validate the accounts relating to a property with a sizeable car park. Austraffic can readily validate the car park vehicle turnover, duration of stay and the percentage occupancy claims being made by the vendor.

  • A shopping centre (or other traffic generating land user) may quote a generation rate as part of development/redevelopment plans.  We can readily confirm this data and as such, the traffic impact from operations.
  • A rubbish tip or refuse transfer station may handle cash or resident permits or dockets in exchange for tipping privileges.  Austraffic can verify the number of transactions and provide estimates of weight based on Austroads classifications, to validate the transaction figures.
  • Parking duration surveys can be utilised to evaluate parking inspector effectiveness.
  • Parking signage inventory and effectiveness audits enable you to know whether your parking and other road signs are still legible/unobscured?  We can also provide GPS coordinates so you also know exactly where your assets are located.
  • Road safety audits can be used to review existing driver, passenger and pedestrian behaviour, such as seat belt wearing, mobile phone or other device (i.e. iPod/headphone) usage, presence of young children, baby capsule utilisation, helmet utilisation, crossing utilisation and compliance with road signage and signals.

If you have an audit need, then Austraffic can design a survey to meet your validation requirements.

Other audit surveys include

  • Rail Crossing (pedestrian and vehicle)
  • School Crossing (pedestrian and vehicle)
  • Speed Limits (motor vehicles and cyclists)
  • Hazardous vehicles
  • B-Double and Triple route monitoring
  • Compliance surveys