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Travel Time Surveys

Travel Time Surveys involve the measurement of a vehicle's time with respect to its distance traveled.

Accurate data collection for travel time surveys can be achieved through various methods but it is important to match the most appropriate tools for the specific task at hand. 

Our experienced staff can help you with the survey design, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved relative to your survey needs.

  • Cars & trucks
  • Pedestrians & bicycles
  • Public transport – trams, buses, trains, ferries
  • Taxis

Innovative Methods Travel Time Data Collection

  • GPS
  • Built-in data loggers
  • Bluetooth and WiFi

Austraffic leads the use of GPS in travel time surveys and has developed filtering systems to exclude extraneous information.

Using Bluetooth technology we are able to provide a broader based high sampling method of collecting device movement between survey location. Mixed with other survey solutions this is an extremely good methodology for data collection particularly over extended periods of time, weeks or months verses days.

Vicroads utilised Austraffic's BlipTrack system in 2014 to monitor the impact of closing both the Burnley and Domain Tunnels for the biggest road works undertaken on them since they opened over a decade ago  Sensors placed 30 kilometres apart recognised individual Bluetooth devices as they passed by and provided accurate real time travel information to VicRoads controllers.  Motorists could then be told what the actual delays were and make an informed decision about their journey. VicRoads was able to tell the media and the public a specific travel time that was accurate and up to date.

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