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Intersection Turning Movements

Accurately recording how many vehicles or individuals use an intersection, and what maneuvers they perform, requires specialist expertise.

Austraffic utilises state of the art technology, and over 33 years of traffic and transport data collection experience, to determine movement of up to 99% of survey events at survey locations, 24 hours a day (dependent on site conditions). This is especially useful for managing personnel, resourcing and WH&S issues, and also enables the data to be reviewed for auditing purposes.

  • Turning movement surveys
  • Roundabout surveys
  • Midblock surveys
  • Queue & delay surveys
  • Pedestrian & bicycle surveys

Accurate data
Our experienced staff can assist you with survey design to ensure the best outcomes are achieved to meet your needs.  Data is typically collated into 15 min blocks for reporting purposes, but these can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Peak hour data is also calculated and presented with the survey results

Detailed analysis
Austraffic has superior analysis tools to produce accurate data and deliver the meaningful reports you need, including extensive classification reporting or a simple light/heavy split.  12-bin Austroads breakdowns are available.

Auditable counting technology
Austraffic’s innovative technology enables video capture of the count so results can be reviewed, audited and verified.

Privacy and Surveillance

Video technology is used for the identification of a survey event and not the identification of an individual. Austraffic is committed to complying with Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles, and where applicable, the Information Privacy Principles in each State and Territory. All video files, whether high or low resolution, are treated with care. Controls are established for access to video footage, the presentation of data from video footage, and the appropriate destruction of files at project end.

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