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Public Transport

Austraffic has undertaken a vast number of public transport surveys across Australia and has a large pool of experienced survey staff capable of accurately undertaking surveys involving:

Our experienced staff can help you with the survey design, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved relative to your survey needs. Data collection and reporting methods can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Detailed analysis

Austraffic has superior analysis tools to produce accurate data and deliver the meaningful reports you need.

Data can be utilised to:

  • Adopt strategies and tactics which appeal to the motivations/attitudes of transport users or potential users
  • Monitor the impact of initiatives pre- and post-implementation
  • Determine passenger trip patterns, suburbs of origin and destination
  • Assess the speed, efficiency and punctuality of vehicles
  • Determine optimal phasing of signals and gates

Innovative technology

Austraffic can propose alternative methodologies where appropriate including the use of GPS, video cameras (which enable fully reviewable and auditable data) and timing analysis roadside units for monitoring signalised intersections, pedestrian and rail crossings.

Using Bluetooth technology we are able to provide a broader based high sampling method of collecting device movement between survey location. Mixed with other survey solutions this is an extremely good methodology for data collection particularly over extended periods of time, weeks or months verses days.

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