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Cyclist Surveys

  Cyclist Movement Surveys Surveys can be conducted to determine bicycle volume, classification, duration and path.
  • Bicycle mode counts can categorise riders based upon age and gender or other points of interest
  • Origin-destination of cyclists can be determined using one or several techniques:
    • GPS tracking
    • Bluetooth or WiFi tracking
    • Interviews/questionnaires
  • Parking duration or accumulation of bikes at facilities such as:
    • Rail stations
    • Shopping centres
    • Modal interchanges
    • Sporting grounds
  • Turning Movements studies to determine the number of cyclists and their movements at:
    • Intersections
    • Midblock
    • At other road crossing points of interest
  • Utilisation audits to determine patronage, track and tail counts.
  • Count of bikes at specific locations.
  • Queue delay or queue length of bikes at
    • Rail crossings
    • Road intersections/crossings
    • Pedestrians crossings
    • Tram or bus stops
    • Other points of interest
Interview Cyclist interview studies can be undertaken to determine:
  • Trip purpose, next mode choice (i.e. public transport, walking, car).
  • Parking facilities, safety perceptions, accident history
  • Speed of cyclist on and off road, especially joint use pathways
  • Travel times
  • Headway and gap acceptance of bikes and cars - can a cyclist cross a road in a reasonable time? Can a pedestrian ?
  • Time delay experienced by cyclist at various interface points