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Boats, Ships & Ferries

Boat, Ship and Ferry Surveys

Count and classification can be done on vessels of all sizes from large container ships to ferries and other passenger craft, small boats (i.e. dinghies) and non-motorised craft (i.e. kayaks).   Passenger counts, classifications and interviews can also be undertaken at ferry terminals and ports, or while on board vessels. 

  • Origin-Destinations of boats and ferries
  • Parking Duration; accumulation of boats and ferries
  • Turning Movements of boating craft at terminus or along a route
  • On Board patronage, count and interviews to ascertain trip patterns and origin/destination
  • Interviews at craft terminus; route choice, last trip, next trip, suburbs of origin and destination
  • Queue Delays at various reference points of interest
  • Queue Length of boat craft particularly at terminus or boat ramps
  • Interview surveys of potential new passengers
  • Speed of boat craft
  • Travel Times of boat craft
  • Headway of boat craft