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Midblock Surveys

Mid-block Counts

The volume of vehicles crossing an arbitrary line, some distance from an intersection.

A typical cost effective solution is counting vehicles split into 2 categories; Cars & Trucks, in 15 minutes time blocks.  Trucks can be further classified by Hazardous goods carry code.

Data collection techniques may include:


Mid-block Classifications

Classification surveys involve the recording of vehicle type.  Classification categories may be as simple as 'car' and 'truck' or extend up to the full 12 Austroads classifications.

Data is typically collated into 15 min blocks, but these can be customised to suit your needs. Trucks can be further classified by their hazardous goods carry code and other vehicles can be classified based on their public transport functionality.

Reporting needs may also require further breakdown of the Austroads classifications such as splits of Austroads classes 1-3 into limousine; hire car; taxi; car derivative used for commercial purposes; car with trailer (1, 2 or 3 axles).

Data collection techniques may include:

Our experienced staff can help you with the survey design, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved relative to your survey needs.