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Automatic Traffic Counters

Quality Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs) depend on the right type of counters/data loggers and sensors being deployed in the most appropriate locations.

Different projects require different approaches. For count only projects of up to three traffic lanes, the most commonly used approach is with pneumatic road tube. 

Multiple Lanes

Multiple-lane sites give rise to the challenge of surveying middle and far lanes without having the interference of near side traffic affecting the results.  In these instances a pair of “No Count” tubes can be deployed for quick temporary data needs.  Piezo, fibre optic or treadle sensors can also be deployed for longer-term applications, while axle sensors are optimal method for accurately obtaining all 12 Austroads vehicle classifications and speeds.

Signal Interfaced ATC loggers

Austraffic's data loggers can be deployed to detect traffic or rail signals, either by direct connection to the signals or by passive optical sensing, while still utilising axle sensors to determine the volume, speed and classification of vehicles passing through.  We can identify the frequency of red or rail light running events as well as evaluate the signal timing. For example, given a fixed yellow time of four seconds, the complete Yellow-Red-Green cycle can be deduced.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our experienced staff can assist you with survey design to ensure the best outcomes are achieved to meet your needs.  Austraffic's purpose-designed software packages produce extensive menu-driven data reports on all vehicle types with key data at your fingertips. Single page summaries of tabular and graphical data clearly present a comprehensive data profile that is easy to interpret.

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