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With over 30 years experience in all states of Australia and New Zealand, Austraffic has the systems and expertise to deliver fit-for-purpose, quality data to meet your traffic and transport data needs.

Our experienced staff can help you determine the best possible method of data collection, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved relative to your requirements.

It is said that big data is a kilometre wide but only a millimetre thick.  It is providing us with a lot of numbers but the information can lack depth.  There are many factors involved in why people choose to travel, the method they use to do it and the path they take.  We need a comprehensive range of data to ensure we understand fully the environment in which we work.

The words ‘data scientist’ and ‘sexiest job in the world’ are not natural bedfellows, but, according to the Harvard Business Review, data scientists who look beyond the numbers to give real and intelligent insights are highly sought and the newest ‘sex symbols’ on the block.