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June 2018

Victorian State Budget Lunch - Sponsor's Address

The following speech was presented by Austraffic's Managing Director, John Reid, at the Victorian State Budget Lunch held by the AITPM’s Victorian branch, and attended by State Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan.  

Just before the Victorian budget was handed down, the treasurer Tim Pallas was reported as saying "You can't just build transport connections, you have to build communities."

The AITPM and Austraffic have a great affinity with this sentiment.

At the 2017 AITPM National Conference, keynote speaker Brent Toderian from Canada said, “to understand traffic in cities you have to understand cities and people”.

And now we have much more information on which to measure our impact and performance.

Yesterday the Federal Minister for Cities opened the world’s first lab for planning future cities at the University of NSW.  The first big trend he has noted is “the explosion of data of all kinds”.

Data is the foundation of any project. However, we must ensure the foundation is sound.

We need to remind ourselves of the adverse consequences of putting our faith or staking our reputations on data that could be all wrong.