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Big Data - Where Is The Wisdom

Where are we on the scale of data, information, knowledge and wisdom?

We must ensure that expertise, wisdom and understanding is not replaced with a plethora of numbers. With practical applications, this paper will challenge practitioners to consider:

  • The concept of new data that is a kilometre wide but only a millimetre thick
  • When a lot of information in a limited area may misdirect the whole focus of a project
  • A mass of information that might tell us what people are doing but not why they are doing it.
  • Some think that much more data means we don't need to interpret so we do not need professional expertise.
  • Information that might accurately define the present but is not a good basis for predicting the future.
  • Data that confirms that several factors may be an important part of the issue but gives no indication of the compounding of several factors together.
  • Measuring short term changes when the long term effect is quite different

Presented by John Reid, Austraffic Managing Director, at the AITPM National Conference 2017

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