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Lighting The Way: Measuring The Efficacy and Suitability of Street Lights

The necessity of quality road lighting for road safety purposes is well understood by road safety professionals, but delivering quality lighting can be both a major asset and a major cost. By using the Odyssey Energy (NZ) Lux Mapping System, the maximum safety benefit from quality lighting can be achieved, while at the same time reducing the overall cost and environmental impact. Austraffic is the sole licensee of Odyssey Energy’s Lux Mapping System in Australia.



The Lux Mapping system greatly improves the manner in which local authorities, contractors and regulators are able to assess the efficiency of street lighting installations using GPS based technology.


• Robust – highly effective solution for road lighting asset management and assessment

• High speed - quick and efficient evaluation of road lighting

• Mapping - data integration to GIS applications

• In-traffic survey - speed of the survey vehicle is limited only by the traffic flow

• High data resolution - frequency of the survey points is no greater than 4m

• Repeatability – accurately compare data before and after improvements and audit new installations

Austraffic is the industry leader in traffic and transport studies. We have skilled representatives in every state with the knowledge, equipment and resources to successfully deliver the results you need.

We can make sure your lighting is effective, suitable, being properly maintained and that it is optimal for its location.

Good road lighting will reduce environmental impacts, reduce costs for councils and deliver a better community outcome.