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Happy Birthday Austraffic!

On February 18th Austraffic celebrated it's 35th Birthday! 

Established in 1983 by John Reid, Austraffic has seen many technologies come and go over the years.  From the early days of Commodore 64, dot matrix printers and casual surveyors with a clicker board, pen and paper, Austraffic has witnessed the advance of electronic data recording methods including video surveying and Bluetooth and the emergence of character recognition software.

From humble beginnings in Victoria, Austraffic now has offices covering all Australian states and territories.

While times have changed, the core principals of traffic and transport data collection are still the same: it is still crucial to ensure that you have a sufficient number of competent experienced staff at hand who understand the logistics and layout required to collect quality data and provide quality control in the oversight of data processing and reporting, so that you end up with accurate, meaningful results.

Happy Birthday Austraffic and congratulations to John Reid and all the Austraffic Principals on this tremendous achievement.