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The city of Aarhus, Denmark has deployed 10 dynamic digital signs that are driven by motorist’s driving behavior and real-time data from their Bluetooth equipment, such as headsets and mobile phones. The signs provide instructions that include driving times and the fastest routes, which saves time and helps traffic to flow smoothly.

The traffic data on the new information signs is based upon real-time inputs from 125 BlipTrack Sensors that are placed on selected roads in Aarhus. These sensors detect motorists driving with a Bluetooth device, such as in hands-free systems and mobile phones. When a vehicle with an activated Bluetooth device passes the sensors, its anonymous ID, also called a MAC address, is recorded, encrypted and time-stamped. The data is then sent to a server where it is filtered and analysed.

By combining the data collected by all sensors, an accurate picture about each road user, such as their travel times, dwell times and movement patterns are provided. The information of the monitoring system are used to inform and warn city traffic engineers about queues and delays, identify problem areas, evaluate and calibrate traffic signals, provide information on the capacity of existing roads, and detect changes in traffic patterns.

Austraffic is the Australian partner of Blip Systems.  Contact us if you'd like to learn more about BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors and real-time data collection.

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The key to a successful, data-driven marketing strategy is finding the perfect intersection between technology and human expertise.

The role of Human Interpretation in Big Data Analysis

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You don't need Big Data to make better decisions. The reality is that companies have more data than they think, they need less data than they think, and more than 50 years of research supports the notion that predictive models consistently outperform human decision-making abilities.

The Fall of Intuition-Based Decisions and Rise of Little Data  

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Big Data is enjoying a big moment in the sun. But who stands to benefit most from this technology — and how?

Big Data - Big Money or Big Losses?

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Originally posted on HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review:

"What held them back from applying was not a mistaken perception about themselves, but a mistaken perception about the hiring process. This is critical, because it suggests that if the HP finding speaks to a larger trend, women don’t need to try and find that elusive quality, “confidence,” they just need better information about how hiring processes really work."

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The necessity of quality road lighting for road safety purposes is well understood by road safety professionals, but delivering quality lighting can be both a major asset and a major cost.

By using the Odyssey Energy (NZ) Lux Mapping System, the maximum safety benefit from quality lighting can be achieved, while at the same time reducing the overall cost and environmental impact.

Austraffic is the sole licensee of Odyssey Energy’s Lux Mapping System in Australia.

The Lux Mapping system greatly improves the manner in which local authorities, contractors and regulators are able to assess the efficiency of street lighting installations using GPS based technology.


• Robust – highly effective solution for road lighting asset management and assessment

• High speed - quick and efficient evaluation of road lighting

• Mapping - data integration to GIS applications

• In-traffic survey - speed of the survey vehicle is limited only by the traffic flow

• High data resolution - frequency of the survey points is no greater than 4m

• Repeatability – accurately compare data before and after improvements and audit new installations

Austraffic is the industry leader in traffic and transport studies. We have skilled representatives in every state with the knowledge, equipment and resources to successfully deliver the results you need.

We can make sure your lighting is effective, suitable, being properly maintained and that it is optimal for its location.

Good road lighting will reduce environmental impacts, reduce costs for councils and deliver a better community outcome.

For more information, or to contact Austraffic, go to

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Originally posted on Will Work For Adventure:
I only got into road cycling last June when I decided to train for a triathlon, and there were a number of things that caught me by surprise. I realized that I had…

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Big Data's Big Meaning for Marketing "Big data this, big data that. Hardly a day goes by when we’re not bombarded with messages about the big data platforms and technologies that will solve all our marketing problems. Let’s be honest though: these tools and technologies alone simply won’t solve the big data challenge. But the effect of all that media and market hype? A lot of confusion and mistrust on the part of marketing leaders about what big data really is, what it can do, and how it should be incorporated into business strategy. And that’s holding a lot of firms back from maximizing the power of the data at their disposal."
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Originally posted on HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review:
Most managers take it for granted that the world has become much more volatile and complex and that we need to constantly adapt.  The days when we could simply plan…

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Originally posted on HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review:

"Studies show that when it comes to goals, the more specific you are about what you’re trying to achieve, the better your chances of success. Having each step mapped out in advance will also minimize complex thinking later in the day and make procrastination less likely."

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