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Supporting Young Professionals To Experience Overseas Events and Cultures

Austraffic and ITE-ANZ are proud to announce the relaunch of the World Wide Learning Opportunities Award; a sponsored program to send young Traffic and Transport professionals overseas.

We have produced a video with some of the participants sharing their thoughts and some more senior professionals offering their supportive comments.

The purpose of the Award is more than just getting access to technical information. As Prof Geoff Rose said when talking about the project

I think there's that critical aspect, which I always encourage the students to try and develop, which was the degree of street smarts that, you know, get some understanding about how the world works.

What are some of the constraints that professionals operate under? Because they don't just turn to the textbook on Page 25 each morning when they walk into the office, and it's a formula that you just think don't apply.

COVID-19 forced a pause in the program for the past two years but we are now re-opening applications to young ITE professionals.

We encourage other forward thinking companies to get behind this program, this investment in our future, by providing financial support through the ITE.

More details on the World Wide Learning Opportunities can be found at


John Reid

Managing Director, Austraffic

From the beginning of his career in local government and then when he established Austraffic in 1983, John realised that data collection is not just about numbers but about understanding people and the activities that serve the community's needs.  Poor or even bad data is counter-productive.  Even if results fit our preconceived ideas that doesn’t mean it is accurate. John has seen how good data expands our perceptions and thinking and can be surprising in its results. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

John Reid