Founded in 1983, Austraffic has undertaken thousands of traffic and transport surveys in all states and territories of Australia, and New Zealand.

We have the systems and expertise to deliver quality data that meets your needs.



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"Knowing how to develop and deliver a data-driven presentation is now a crucial skill for many professionals, since we often have to tell our colleagues a story about the success of a new initiative, the promise of a new business opportunity, or the imperative of a change in strategy — stories that are much more compelling when they’re backed by numbers.

"To reach audiences with data-driven content, what really matters is your ability to craft a good story, and there’s very little math required. In fact, discomfort with numbers may actually lead you to ask the right questions to create the most interesting and accessible data-driven content"

The 5th of August marks the anniversary of the first electric traffic signal, which was installed on this day in 1914 on the corner of 105th and Euclid, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The key to a successful, data-driven marketing strategy is finding the perfect intersection between technology and human expertise.

You don't need Big Data to make better decisions.

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