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Video Cameras

Austraffic is the industry leader in traffic and transport studies using modern Video Surveying techniques that are perfect for Origin Destination, Classification and Intersection Movement Surveys. 

We have skilled representatives in every state with the knowledge, equipment and resources to successfully deliver the results you need.

Innovative technology

Video surveying applications are:

  • Portable
  • Cost effective
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Flexible
  • Especially useful for managing personnel, resourcing and WH&S issues.

Variety of applications

Video surveying techniques to optimise high traffic speeds (150km/h +), platooning vehicles; minimising human fatigue, or multiple human inputs.

High vehicle sample

Video surveying techniques can determine movement of up to 99% of survey events at survey locations, 24 hours a day (dependent on site conditions). There is no longer a need to rely on sampling such as a “white car” survey methodology.

Extensive classifications

Classification categories are no longer limited to what the surveyor can determine on the side of the road. Additional “overview” cameras can be set in place to capture a wide range of information, giving the end user greater flexibility in defining outcomes.

Asset Management

Using vehicle mounted video with built-in GPS, Austraffic can document speed, altitude and location on an interactive map

Accurate auditable data

Each passing vehicle or individual is captured to the second and the results reviewed, audited and verified.

Our experienced staff can help you with the survey design, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved relative to your survey needs.

Detailed analysis

Austraffic has superior analysis tools to produce accurate data matches and deliver the meaningful data reports you need.

Privacy, Surveillance and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

Austraffic does not use ANPR technology as ANPR is considered a Tracking Device under the Surveillance Devices Act in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.

Video technology is used for the identification of a survey event and not the identification of an individual. Austraffic is committed to complying with Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles, and where applicable, the Information Privacy Principles in each State and Territory. All video files, whether high or low resolution, are treated with care. Controls are established for access to video footage, the presentation of data from video footage, and the appropriate destruction of files at project end.  



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