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BLIP Systems

Bluetooth Devices and Driving Behaviour Help Ease Traffic Congestion

The city of Aarhus, Denmark has deployed 10 dynamic digital signs that are driven by motorist’s driving behavior and real-time data from their Bluetooth equipment, such as headsets and mobile phones. The signs provide instructions that include driving times and the fastest routes, which saves time and helps traffic to flow smoothly.

Bluetooth Tracking System Review

Data integrity is one of the major issues facing the transport planning professionals who invest millions of dollars on traffic research every year to allow them to make decisions that will affect thousands of motorists. But their decision making can only be as good as the quality of the data their surveys generate. Australian traffic and transport survey specialists Austraffic has tested some of the latest data gathering tools that harness Bluetooth and WiFi technology in an Australian-first best of breed technology review.

“Matching the most efficient systems to a particular survey is an important first step in data gathering. Austraffic wanted to look at how existing and emerging technologies performed and understand in what scenarios they produced the most reliable results,” said John Reid Managing Director of Austraffic.


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