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Blip Systems Announces Partnership with Austraffic

Danish wireless technology company BLIP Systems and Austraffic have joined forces to deliver Bluetooth sensor-based surveys in Australia.

Traffic congestion and air pollution are two major problems for cities all over the world. Increasing traffic and roads with limited capacity mean the problem is costing billions in burnt fuel and lost productivity.

Finding the right solutions will require the best and most accurate information, but conventional methods of collecting traffic data are often expensive and need constant maintenance. The answer lies with new wireless technology, which is making it possible to optimize traffic, reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions in a cost efficient and easier manner.  

Over the past two years Austraffic has been actively trialling a range of Bluetooth technologies, to evaluate traffic patterns and provide viable solutions, to help monitor and find answers to reducing congestion. Austraffic chose the BlipTrack solution, from Danish BLIP Systems, highlighting the solution´s stability, quality and repeatability of data. Austraffic has already started working with national and state regulatory, policy and advisory bodies to establish the necessary regulatory regime under which BlipTrack can operate in all states

“We have taken a variety of operational, logistic and reliability factors into consideration in the review before choosing to partner with BLIP Systems and are already seeing some great opportunities to provide new data solutions for a range of clients,” said Managing Director for Austraffic John Reid.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Austraffic and look forward to delivering competitive and customized ITS solutions to traffic-choked Australian roads and cities. Austraffic has been one of the largest players in the traffic data market in Australia for over three decades. We are confident that we have the right solution and now we have found the right partner”, says BLIP Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

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